Monday, February 2, 2009

1st day of teaching... a teacher.i still couldnt believe that im teaching.hahaha...sumthing that never been come im my mind for all these's quit tough for sum1 that never had been experiances in teaching b4 or never ever think to teach like me.
Im teaching for sciences and BM.for me sciences is about life and its so simple for me, but it really come disaster when im teaching in BM.hahaha..i dont know what im teach but the student understand.hahahaha.really2 funny u know..
But its not just like that.i had to be patience and really cool to teach those student.b'coz the penyelia petang already said to me that i had to a class teacher for a class that can make that penyelia petang give me warning "beware with this class, i want u to be more tegas n not to pampered this class"..wahh.seems like its a big burden for me.these student future is in my hand.waaa..
The funny fact that is that i give some ceramah to this child n im thinking.waht am i doing.i should teach, not ceramah.but, i dont know why they can listen to me when im ceramah n not listen to me when im teaching..hurmm..i think there is some problem with these child..
The bad news for me is, i had to prepare for the class report b4 the class n must always thick these child book..waaaaa...theres alot of book death meat..
The worst thing that happen when i meet the other teacher is they said those student is the student without hope.Like they cannot success in their life.How can the teacher said like dat.i feel so pity with the child.they dont even know their teacher no really appreciate them..:(..hurmm.why its happen like this ae.hope they can change with my untrained teaching technique.aminn..
I will pray that my student will always succes n be a better person.I know i wont be a teacher for a long period, but i will make them really desired to success.that the only thing that i can do.i wish my student can be a better student and love the knowledge more than me.aminnn....